Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I haven't posted in a while, i know.  I have a few knitting projects to post.

First the ones without pictures:
1-a garter stitch knit scarf double stranded in purple and black.  it's about 5.5' long, and maybe a foot wide.

2-a stockinette knit scarf for one of my friends double stranded in black and turquoise.  probably closer to 6' long but only about 3/4 of a foot wide, though it curls so it ends up being a tube.

now for the pictures!

This is a scarf I made for a swap i'm doing online.  it's Twilight themed, and done in FHS school colors.  I was going to add pockets but i don't really think that'd add to it, since it's really heavy, but i may add something like FHS on it so it's not really that obscure.  this is also about 6' long and more like 1.5' wide.
This is a hat I made for myself and started about two months ago and have worked on it while sitting in the bathroom or where ever.  Finally finished it this morning.  I've titled it a kiss hat, because when held up it looks like a Hershey's Kiss.
and my mom wearing it.  she looks like a dope, but it's because it's HUGE.  I have a fat head, i know, but this is big on ME!  it'd probably fit a basket ball or two.  but i really really like it.
This is a small scarf only about 4' long and half a foot wide done in brioche stitch.  I saw a few things done with this stitch and wanted to try it, and this is my first done that way.  i really like it and am working on something for another swap in it.  i'm very happy with this--it's done in purple, which you can't really see here.  LOVE it.

anyway--running out of time, may come back and post more later.

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