Saturday, February 7, 2009

checker dress

So after sitting on my computer for a month, i finally got the chance to upload the pictures of a dress i was putting together for Carrie's wedding, though i think she's just going to buy them now to make things easier.

The prototype dress is done in black and white check and fully lined with muslin.  then only thing i don't like about the dress is that it doesn't have any pockets.  but i think i can live with that.  and i can always take it apart and put it back together, since i did make it. and add inline pockets to it.  it still hasn't been hemmed, and needs straps added to it but it's mostly done. 
i'm still wondering about what i'm ever going to wear it to but i think if i can dress it down a bit i'll be able to wear it to Disneyland or something.  i think it'd be fun!

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