Friday, September 11, 2009

it's in the air

Apparently this week is the week of the craft blogging-catching-up. and i have quite a bit of catching up to do. . .

So i guess i'll go past to present.

first i have a bunch of calorimetry pieces that I've been working on. the piece goes well but ends up too big so I've been changing it bit by bit...
i finally have something i can wear.

i'm rather proud of it. . .I have another one that's a little larger for when it's colder:

I like the size and shape. . .It fits comfortably but isn't too floppy or big. i want to try it in a nice springy wool next cause i have to wash it to get the tightness back after i wear it once or twice. . .the price i pay ;]
And the next project...a scarf! this i did in a really nice cushy wool--lion brand wool-ease to be specific. it's a really nice wool/acrylic blend that feels a little coarse at first but when it's knit up it is oh so soft.
The pattern is a nice lacy leaf pattern that merges into stockinette in the center then back to the lace for the other end. the stockinette makes it curl in the middle so it hugs your neck even if you don't have it wrapped...mmmm warm and snuggly!
Lo and behold - another scarf!
this one is a baktus pattern if you don't know it already it's an interesting concept...the idea is to use exactly the amout of yarn you have, increasing to the middle of your length of yarn then decreasing so that you use the entire amount. it's a lot of fun, but the guess work will kill you if you don't know for sure how much you have.
it wasn't made for me but for a swap partner, so i'm hoping she'll enjoy it.

this tie i made for my mom after she came to me the night before a theme day at work: crazy tie/scarf day so i took a standard tie pattern (which calls for size 1 needles) and made it a little bigger...I used size 10 needles and double stranded some red heart acrylic in white with some sugar and cream cotton in purple. it came out really really large. . .but it was tons of fun to do...and i accomplished it in one night!

the crowning glory of my projects at the moment is this:
it's a crocheted purse. it's lined and the strap is black fabric with silver tinsel pin striping.
the lining isn't attached in the middle, just at the strap to provide a second pocket for larger items that won't slip out of the crochet work, and the lining is for pens and eye liner--stuffs like that.
more of the side of the purse
and the completely finished project.

i must say i feel pretty accomplished. i'm tired now. heading to bed. c ya later ;]