Saturday, August 1, 2009

cracking the nut is harder than it seems

I thought I had cracked the entrelac nut finally. . .only to be disappointed. I'm no longer having trouble figuring out where to pick up stitches from, it's getting the diamonds into diamond shapes. mine always end up looking like rectangles. and I can't seem to figure out the timing to stop the diamond on the outside and start the outer triangle. whatever. since i'd ripped out my work so much the yarn was starting to unravel, and when i cast on half the time i'd split the yarn, so i decided to make a iPhone cozy for myself, since i've wanted to do one for a while now, and hadn't gotten around to it yet. . .So I finally made one. I really like it, although the bound off edge is a little bigger than the rest...i like the effect it creates. I'll post pictures later.

I also cross stitched a quote a friend of mine uses, which i am proud of, although i wish it had ended up a little bigger to frame, i think i'll choose something different to frame for him. . .but then again i might not. we'll see.

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