Tuesday, June 23, 2009

new skirt, few dresses, knitting

I've made a few things over the last few months, none of which are photographed unfortunately. I made two pleated skirts, really cute, on made out of some nice printed cotton, and one out of a really light black linen. The linen i still have something like 10.5 yards of, i found it on sale for $1 a yard, and bought up all the fabric i could find.

I have also recently made a few halter dresses using a burda style pattern, and two night gowns out of this really nice silky almost leopard print fabric. those were fun to do. I also tried my hand at making a bathing suit top. gonna have to work at making those less wrinkly. but i have my hopes up!

I've also been knitting lately. working on a shawl that i started oh, maybe a month ago. i'm only half way through it said would be a one skein job, and has turned into two...luckily i had two on hand. just paused until i find where the second skein ran off to while we're cleaning up the house. I'm also working on those ten stitch blankets. might give the 'baby blanket' to alice, and the mulit blanket either to mommy or Eepie. not sure who yet. and want to make one for sean for the winter. maybe that'll be my winter present. re-usable bags and blankets. the ten stitch ones are actually pretty easy to punch out once you get them started. oooh! excited!!

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